Student Registration Help

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This page is used to register for, or add/drop classes for the selected term.
If you are currently registering for the term, please scroll down this page to see if your classes are in your Current Schedule below or if registration errors occurred during the registration process. Registration errors, if any, would appear directly below your Current Schedule below.
To see descriptions of the courses, please click here: Course Descriptions
For another method to search for classes, please click here: Course Schedule

Learning Communities classes need to be enrolled in at the same time so please be sure that you add them to your schedule together - adding one and then the other will not work. Click here to view Learning Communities class offerings: Learning Communities

[Note: Credit classes may be added through the first week of the regular credit term.
Non-credit classes may be added 24 hours prior to the start of the class.]

To Register For or Add classes to your class schedule, you can use 1 of the 2 methods directly below. 1.a - If you have your classes pre-selected and Course Registration Numbers (CRNs) identified, enter the CRNs into the Add Class section below.

1.b - Click on the Submit Changes button after entering each CRN or after you have entered all of your CRNs. (The Submit Changes button is what actually performs the class registration action for you.)
2.a - If you have not pre-selected your classes and need to find classes to fill your class schedule, click on the Class Search button which is located towards the bottom of this page and follow the directions on each page. Be sure to click on the Registration Fee Assessment link at the bottom of the page when you are returned to this page.

To Drop classes from your class schedule, please follow the steps below.

3.a - Click on the arrow (if present in the Action column below) to the left of the CRN of the class listed on your current class schedule which you want to drop. If "Web Dropped" appears, click on it to highlight it.
Note: If you are not registered for classes for the term selected, you will not have a current class schedule displayed for you.
3.b - Then scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Submit Changes button to drop the class from your schedule.
Note: If no option is present in the Action column below, you will not be allowed to drop the class via the Web (click on the Help button).

Important! Please ensure that you register for the level of classes which you intend - credit or non-credit. (Non-credit also known as Continuing Education.)
Credit course numbers range from 000 - 499. Example = ACCT-101
Non-credit course numbers range from 500 - 999. Example = DATA-562
Also, ensure you are enrolled at the intended DMACC campus for each class that you enrolled in.

4. Please click on Registration Fee Assessment (located at the bottom of this page) to make sure the charges for the courses you've registered for are accurate.

5. Please take a minute to ensure that we have your current address so you can be sure to receive any mailings (such as refunds, schedules, billings, letters, etc.) that DMACC may need to send to you. To see your mailing address and update it (if not current), please click here: Review/Update Mailing Address

6. If you've been dropped from a class by an administrative drop action, you'll need to re-enroll for the same exact class through DMACC registration staff. An administrative drop is any kind of drop other than you dropping a class via the Web Info System such as Drop for Non-Payment. If you attempt to re-enroll in the same class via Web Info System, you'll receive a "DUPLICATE CRN" error.

7. Please take a minute to ensure that you have enrolled in the classes that you had intended by using the "Student Detail Schedule" link at the bottom of this page where you can review your current class schedule for the term selected.

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