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If you want to register for classes on-line, you must have your user Social Security number or 9-digit DMACC id and your PIN (personal identification number) before the system will allow you into the secured area to register or view your records. To request a PIN, select the category that describes your status at DMACC for credit and non-credit enrollment.

1. If you are currently enrolled, returning, or a former DMACC student and have forgotten your PIN - you can use the "Forgot PIN?" link on the login page or you can click here.
Please Note: Once a PIN is received it is very important that you remember the number and that it remains confidential. The Web Info System is a secured area and contains personal information.

2. If you are a new student who has never taken coursework at DMACC, you must first be admitted to the college. (For selected credit programs, students may need to complete additional admissions requirements before they can register for that program.) To request a DMACC application, call 1-800-362-2127, ext 6495, or email your name and mailing address to

If you have any questions about your PIN, contact 1-800-362-2127, ext 7300, or 515-965-7300, or click here to visit our website: DMACC Helpdesk, or email

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